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about the company

       India after conducting second nuclear test in 1998, had to face stringent sanctions by the developed nations which resulted in the shortage of critical parts required for its nuclear establishments. HEPA Filter Media was one of such component which constitutes a critical part of AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM in nuclear plants, without this, clean air environment is not possible.

      In December 1999, Government of India, BRNS ( Board Of Research in Nuclear Sciences) and BARC/ DAE (Department of Atomic Energy) called upon the Industry fraternity of India to develop HEPA Filter Media System indigenously to fight any imbroglios by the developed countries.

       GARG family with the experience of successfully running the  Kraft paper Mill  for 17 years, took the initiative to develop HEPA Filter Media, and after many years of efforts, developed HEPA indigenously with the combined efforts of a chemical research group. To achieve the final goal, i.e. to commercially make the HEPA FILTER MEDIA,

This company RAMVANSH FIBROLOGY PVT LTD has been formed in 2013. Since very inception, directors of the company were contemplating to explore all possibilities of manufacturing other papers from MICRO GLASS FIBER.

                   So, except the HEPA FILTER MEDIA  the company is also installed a second line of manufacturing of                                 MICRO GLASS BATTERY SEPARATORS for Flooded Lead Acid Batteries.