We are introducing RIBBED micro glass battery separators for flooded lead acid batteries, used extensively in automotive, invertors, industrial applications and home applications. 

      Conventionally the battery separators made up of PVC, PE and SPG materials and used in flooded type lead acid batteries. But these separators have limited reliability, high electro chemical oxidation and lesser cranking ability. they also lead the battery to early drying of lead plates resulting in early failure of the battery. 

       Our MG Separators are being manufactured in the state of the art production line controlled by micro processors and as designed as it enhances the life of battery to give optimum performance under the most critical conditions.

                     RIB-FLOW is available in leaf.

*envelop version to be introduced soon

advantages in comparison to pvc / pe separators

  • very high resistance to oxidation inside battery.
  • more repeated cranking power.
  • high porosity eliminates problem of drying out lead plates.
  • lesser temperature increase inside battery.
  • more puncture resistance.
  • low electric resistance.
  • low water consumption i.e. lesser maintenance required.


WHY                         BATTERY SEPARATORS ? 

These battery separators are matrix of double layers of superfine micro glass fibers. these two layers are being assembled in a manner that the top and bottom layer separated with the help of CHANNELS (RIBS) which facilitate free flow of electrolyte (acid) within the lead plates in the battery. These specially designed RIBBED BATTERY SEPARATORS are available in leaf give very high performance in comparison to non ribbed separators available in the market.

testing facilities

           Our entire MG separators batches, pass through stringent quality tests, electric resistance test, pore size test, porosity test, puncture resistance test, wet compression, acid displacement and life test conducted in house state of the art laboratory.